Sewer Systems Module for HPE

Laatst geac­tu­aliseerd 22 oktober 2019

The Sewer Systems Module for Higher Professional Education offers higher education material in the field of urban drainage and sewerage.

The Module gives an overview of planning, technology, design, and management of urban drainage in the context of The Netherlands/Western Europe. The Sewer Systems Module has been built as digital education material, suitable for self-study. Sewer Systems Module for Higher Professional Education is a free download (PDF, 13.5 MB).

The Sewer Systems Module for HPE informs about:

  • the importance and the developments of the sewerage in collecting and converying urban wastewater and storm water in the built environment of The Netherlands;
  • the management and organisational aspects of the sewer systems;
  • basic knowledge to design and construct a gravitational sewer system;
  • the basic principles of assessing and evaluating the hydraulic and environmental behaviour of a sewer system;
  • conducting basic hydraulic calculations about: the collection, settling and transport of wastewater and rainwater, the flow within sewer pipes and the occurance of sedimantation in sewers.
  • In addition, the Module contains self assessment assignments at the close of each chapter, an index of keywords, and references to sources and additional website for further information.


  • Both the Dutch and English version appeared under the responsibility of the teaching department of KIVI-NIRIA;
  • The Module was produced by the Sewerage Working Group of NLingenieurs, the Dutch Association of Engineering Consultants;
  • The RIONED Foundation facilitated the process;
  • Financial contributions were made by the RIONED Foundation, KWR Water Cycle Research Institute, NHL University of Applied Sciences and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.