Urban Drainage in the Netherlands

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About RIONED: Centre of Expertise

RIONED Foundation (Stichting RIONED) is the interest group for urban drainage concerns in the Netherlands. RIONED is the umbrella organisation in which public bodies, industry and the educational sector collaborate. RIONED commissions research, makes expertise available and provides an information sharing service. RIONED collaborated with institutes in the Netherlands and abroad, presenting ideas, advice and opinions to various commissions and consultative forums.

More information on RIONED.
A selection of reports and papers of RIONED Foundation reports in English.

Urban drainage and water management in the Netherlands

Below are some links to related organisations and further reading (in English):

Interesting other links on urban drainage

  • The European Federation of National Associations of Water Services EUREAU. They offer a statistics document about the drinking water and wastewater utilities, with a profile of the European water sector, and profiles for each of the 30 EUREAU member states.
  • The European Water Association (EWA)
  • The International Water Association (IWA) presented an International Statistics for Water Services on the IWA World Water Congress in Montreal, October 2010.
  • www.riool.info (Information to the general public, developed by RIONED, in Dutch)
  • Sanitation was voted the most important medical milestone since 1840 by the British Medical Journal. Read the nomination by Professor of Public Health Johan P. Mackenbach.