About RIONED Foundation

RIONED Foundation is the interest group for urban drainage concerns in the Netherlands. RIONED is the umbrella organisation in which public bodies, industry and the educational sector work together. RIONED works both for and through active involvement of its participants, thus ensuring that the foundation’s activities are broadly based. RIONED functions both as a centre of expertise as well as promotor of the interests of sewerage and urban water management in the Netherlands.


RIONED foundation focuses on public urban drainage facilities. More than 1.6 billion Euros are spent on the Dutch sewers each year. Good sewer management requires professionalism and continuous technical, management and financial improvements. RIONED commissions research, makes expertise available and provides an information service. RIONED collaborates with institutes in the Netherlands and abroad, and presents ideas, advice and opinions to various commissions and consultative forums. 

RIONED products

  • The website of RIONED Foundation, www.riool.net, offers amongst others a compilation of technical, legal and managerial information and knowledge on all aspects of sewerage. These ‘Urban Drainage Guidelines’ is the main reference  for those involved in Urban Drainage in the Netherlands. 
  • Reports: results of research that deserve the attention of a wider audience.
  • Electronic newsletter: appears twelve times per year and contains news for those involved in urban drainage.
  • Exchange of know-how and experience: a prime opportunity is the annual RIONED day, when the Dutch urban drainage professionals comes together.
  • Conferences, workshops and communities of practice.
  • Courses and information and documentation.
  • An active role in establishing technical standards.


The research commissioned by RIONED focuses on urban drainage systems and finding new cost-effective methods and techniques for asset management including risk assessment. RIONED Foundation also supports research on climate adaptation and urban drainage infrastructure. In addition, RIONED develops and provides semantic standards for data exchange in sewer management.

Public information

RIONED Foundation promotes public awareness of the need for user-friendly sewer systems as a basic requirement for public health and a clean environment. RIONED has developed interactive exhibitions that demonstrate what happens underground after the bath plug is pulled out or the toilet is flushed. This is available to municipalities and other public bodies.

RIONED Foundation participants 

The participants are: Municipalities, water boards, provinces, ministries, suppliers, engineering consultants and contractors. Participants make an annual contribution, the largest being paid by municipalities, which manage the urban drainage systems. RIONED Foundation also receives project based subsidies.