Managing urban water a balancing act

01 december 2021 - 01 december 2021
13:00 - 17:00
Green Village, TUDelft

How can we design and manage our urban water systems to be resilient, sustainable, circular, ecosystem-based, adaptable and inclusive, and so address the increasing demand for housing and the changing environmental and socio-economic conditions?

This symposium will bring together scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to take stock of the past and identify the challenges ahead in (applied) research and education.

Speakers include:
Henk Ovink, Frederic Cherqui, Lot Locher, Frans van de Ven, Martine Rutten, Jeroen Langeveld, Fransje Hooimeijer.

Interested to attend?

Please send an e-mail to before November 15th (free admission). Admission is free

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